Get ready for the 24h Race in 2017

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Get ready for the 24h Race in 2017

Messaggio da mathi24 » 06/01/2017, 19:29

Dear Racers!

There are still only a few days from today to next Monday. The first challenge for you and your team to speed up skill, pace and team spirit starts

Januar 9th, 2017
10 Min. Qualify
60 Min. Race
Start 20.00 CET
Server: DoP - Grid 1 - Race server

These test races are the last preludes before the traditional 24 hour LFS Community race, the DoP 24h race begins. Be part of this historical event.

Read the important DoP24h2017 Briefing ... 7-Briefing

More Information needed? Here is our LFS DoP 24h Forum
Keep Racing
The DoP 2017 Crew
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